Property Title Deeds in Thailand

The are 3 types of title deeds in Thailand which most foreigners would be exposed to. The other title deeds are there mainly for Thia nationals and are possessory rights more than anything else. The title deed which is freehold and at the top of the title deed list is the Chanote title deed. If you are not buying property with a Chanote title deed then you will have problems down the line.

Chanote Title Deed:

This is the best title deed to hold as it is freehold. Any other title deed will more likely than not be cheaper however they can be upgraded to the Chanote. We have listed these below. Most property transactions in Thailand with foreigners is the Chanote.

Nor Sor 3 Gor Title Deed:

One level below the Chanote title deed is the Nor Sor 3 Gor title deed. This tile deed has had it measurements taken by the Land Department of Thailand.They have set its exact boundaries in relation to other properties around it so you know where it is located. This land can be upgraded to the Chanote and this normally takes anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on where it is located. The Land Department needs to be approached for this and before it is upgraded they also have to check if there are any disputes as to the title deed from neighbors.

Nor Sor 3 Title Deed:

Like above the location of the land is known however they are not 100% sure as to where the boundaries of the property is located. Once the land department comes to check it needs to check the boundaries of the property and ensure that there are no objections as to where the boundaries are located of the property. This then gets upgraded to a Nor Sor 3 Gor title deed. You can further upgrade this to a Chanote but this can take anywhere from 7 months to 2 years to complete.

If you are buying property in Thailand are buying land for your Thai wife out in Isaan ensure that you are buying land for which can be upgraded or already has a Chanote title deed. speak to us in Thailand about your real estate purchase and allow us to assist you with any of the questions ranging for prenuptial agreements, buying a condo or registering a usufruct. Call us on our toll-free number or walk into any of our offices in Thailand.

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